Camping at Matthews Arm Campground in Shenandoah VA

Dear all,

IMG_1918The Koohodasht hiking groups’ schedule for Oct. 1719 is camping at Matthews Arm Campground in Shenandoah VA. This time of year, the foliage is breathtaking! The air is crisp and the view of Sky Line Drive is quite exceptional. You don’t have to spend the night, you can plan on doing a day trip.
The camp site rate is $15.00 and up to six people per site/night. There will be a fee at the entrance for each car ($15.00) per week, or annual fee for $30.00. We will hike on Saturday and Sunday, up to seven miles each day. We will be leaving the trip on Sunday Oct 19th in the afternoon. Those of you who are interested in this wonderful camping/hiking trip, please respond by the end of September. Your prompt response will help to determine the number of sites needed at the campground. The details of camping will be announced to the campers after the reservation is made.

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