Horseback riding in Walkersville, MD

3This week’s program is horseback riding in Walkersville, MD located about 15 minutes north of Frederick.  Please join the gathering even if you do not want to ride.  You can walk, fish, or just relax and enjoy the weather.
Please inform Hessam Dahi if you plan to ride or just attend the gathering.   He needs to know the number of riders for coordination with the farm.  His phone number is listed below.

Date/time:    5 September 2014/ 10:30 am

Location:       10229 Woodsboro Pike
Walkersville MD. 21793
Weather:       Mostly Sunny, 65 degrees
Cost:              $50.00 for two hours horseback riding/trail riding.

Contact/carpool info.    Hessam Dahi, 301-318-6243

Please bring lunch, water or drink and a dish to share.  Grill is also available for BBQ.  Also bring a picnic chair and fishing gears if you like to fish.
Upcoming programs for each Sunday through the end of the year are listed on the group’s website.  Please visit and click on the Newsletter tab.

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