Rocky Gap Camping Nov. 7-9


DateNov. 7-9
Address: 12500 Pleasant Valley Rd NE, Flintstone, MD 21530
Phone(301) 722-1480
sites: More likely we stay in cabins, the details will be announced  tomorrow before noon.

Weather: Partly cloudy for this weekend and the temperature may fall into 40s at night and rise up to low 50s during the day.  Please check the weather forecast and bring appropriate gear and clothing.  Warm jacket, hat, long johns, pajama, hiking shoes, and gloves are recommended.

Campfire will help to keep us warm at night. We need everyone’s help for collecting firewood to keep the fire going.

Breakfast7:30 — 9 am

Hiking9:30 am — 1:30 pm

Suggested Camping Supplies and Personal Items;

Tent, inflatable camping mattress, sleeping bag, pillow, blankets, sheets, flash lights, work gloves, picnic chairs, reusable plates, cups, and silverware

Camping stove with fuel:     Need one

Lanterns:                              Need two


  Breakfast                       Lunch                           Dinner
Friday N/A N/A Rosa
Saturday Hessam,


kareh vahalva shekari

Masood Hessam: Kabob barg, chicken kabob, chicken wings
Sunday Mahvash N/A


List of attendees and date and time of arrival:


Hessam                                  Friday Morning

Masood                                  Friday    mid day

Rosa                                       Friday PM

Mehrnoosh                             Saturday AM

Mahvash/ Darab                     Saturday AM

As a reminder please refrain from bringing disposable serving items such as paper plates and use reusable dishes and silverware.

Please reply (and copy everyone) if you find an error about your time and day of arrival, your assigned meal, or if you have a suggestion.

Thank you,

Hessam and Masood

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