Sizdeh Be Dar 2016 – سیزده بدر ۱۳۹۵

hou9665Kooh o Dasht Hiking group is inviting you and your family to its annual Sizdehbedar celebration at Seneca Creek State Park on Sunday, April 3 rd at 10:00 am. We reserved Bob White Pavilion with 50 person capacity. The shelter has picnic tables and a grill, and restroom facility and a playground nearby.  Seneca Creek Park has other activities such as hiking trails, boating, and fishing. Besides eating delicious food, backgammon, dodge ball, and other entertainment will be available.

There is a $3.00 fee per person to enter the park.

Please reply to all if you and your family plan to attend. In your response, please indicate what you will be bringing to share (food/equipment/games). This will help to better organize the event. For suggestions and questions please contact Masood Shoyooee at 240-401-8979.

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